What is FnaticX??

what is FnaticX Used For?

FnaticX Token will be used as a Payment for the Utility Services like D2h,mobile recharges,Paying Bills,Shopping,Buying Giftcards etc.

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What is Aim Of FnaticX?

FnaticX will create a platform for one stop Utility services

FnaticX aim's to provide it's utility safely and securely to it's users,successfully launch it on the BlockChain.We will create a secure platform where people will be able to buy various types of giftcards such as amazon giftcard and do mobile,d2h,broadband and other types of recharges by paying via the FnaticX Token.Everyone should have easy access to Utility Services,without high fees and repression.We believe that the ability to bank and transact is a fundamental human right.

Without access to capital you are entirely isolated and unable to function in today’s world.Providing this utility using blockchain technology will be best because it will increase adoption of CryptoCurrency,these technologies lower the cost to transact and our token is on Binance SmartChain which has low transaction fees and it also helps in spending money safely and securely.

We believe it’s this technology that is going to ensure banking and commerce becomes a human right and gives you more control over your own finances.Credit, debit and gift card fraud is rampant and growing at a rapid pace. It accounts for billions of dollars in global loss and is a key piece in the trillion dollar money laundering problem.Blockchain technology eliminates the ability to make fraudulent transactions by solving the double spending problem in a standard, verifiable, tamper-proof way.

This provides the interoperability many costumers need.Nowadays there are many scams,literally many people are worried of doing transactions online,but our utility website will be secured,the order process will be automatic so no one has access to your money,you are the sole owner of your funds.

We envision a better, safer, more transparent way forward that reduces middlemen and gives more control back to the individual.Using our services will be easy for everyone ,we will provide a complete guide on how to use our services.Our services will be available worldwide and open to everyone.





Ecosystem key features

FnaticX will provide safe and secure Ecosystem payment gateway for Utility Services, where each and everyone can safely and securely transact through the FnaticX Token

Safe & Secure
No card required
FNAX as payment
No Dilution


FnaticX is a token based on binance smartchain which will be used as payment for utility services.

Token Name: FnaticX
Symbol: FNAX
Token Platform: Binance Smart Chain
Token Standard: BEP20
Decimals: 18
Max. Supply: 50,000


LAtoken- Pair- FNAX/BTC Trade here

Coingecko- FnaticX(FNAX) Check Token Analysis

Our Great Features

FnaticX project has many great features like safe and secure payment ecosystem,fast order delivery,FnaticX Community,Powerfull system and Technology.

Powerfull System

FnaticX Team will create powerfull system which will be ready for upcoming changes.

Buy & sell

You can trade,send or receive FnaticX token easily within a few seconds with low fees.


We will be updating our technologies frequently for better future.

FnaticX Community

We have created FnaticX community on telegram which can help each other for better and secure Future.


FnaticX conducted an airdrop on LAToken and many people earned FnaticX tokens for free

Safe and Secure

FnaticX will create Safe and Secure Ecosystem for Utility Services


Company Roadmap

Our main aim is to provide Safe and Secure Payment Ecosystem for Utility Services

Birth Of FnaticX

In July 2020 we planned to make utility payments token and started working on it.


Launched FnaticX Project officialy.

Binance Smart Chain

We chose Binance SmartChain for our token as there are much more features than in any other blockChain.

Listing on exchange
Top Exchanges

On 1st January 2021 FnaticX Token was listed on LAToken exchange and data aggregator- Coingecko.

FnaticX Airdrop

On 5th January 2021 we conducted an airdrop on LAToken.

FnaticX Token Trading Competition
Trading Competition

On 8th January 2021 trading competition of FnaticX Token started on LAToken.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FnaticX Token?
FnaticX Token will be used for utility services like D2h,mobile recharges,Paying Bills,Shopping,Buying Giftcards etc. as these are the most important commodities currently in 21st century so FnaticX will be the best Utility Token.
Will FnaticX conduct an airdrop?
FnaticX already conducuted an airdrop of 10000 tokens on LAToken,many people got $FNAX tokens for free
Will FnaticX have a trading competition?
Trading competition of $FNAX has started on LAToken exchange and will end on 29 January,total reward pool for traders is 5000 $FNAX Tokens
When will FnaticX launch its utility services?
FnaticX Utility Services will be live after listing on some major exchanges with good enough liquidity
Where can i buy and sell FNAX?
You can buy and sell FNAX currently on LAToken
When will FNAX be listed on Exchanges?
FnaticX is currently listed on LAtoken exchange and data aggregator coingecko